9 Legit Websites to Make Money Online for Free in the Philippines

The internet offers unlimited opportunities to earn money from the comfort of our home. Some are lucrative enough to replace earnings from a regular job while some are simply meant to augment our current income, help us settle household bills, or make it possible for us to save up for life goals like travelling or studying. Whatever purpose you may have, I hope that this blog post will help you find online money earning sites that will fit your talent, schedule, and inclinations.

Online money making sites, admittedly, are not the most stable sources of income. Unlike most day jobs, sites can come and go without warning and run away with your hard-earned money. Anyone desiring to earn money off the internet must be judicious when choosing sites to join because time is more precious than gold and you simply can’t afford to waste it on sites that will suck your time for cents, or worse, nothing. I recommend reading honest reviews about a site before signing up.

In some cases, a single site can supplant or exceed your offline earnings but since most sites have their ups and downs, it makes sense to diversify and use a combination of sites. One great thing about working online is that you can work as long as you want and get compensated for your time and effort.

Basic Requirements for Working Online

  • Email address
  • PayPal account
  • Laptop/Desktop
  • Decent Internet Connection

Creating and maintaining a separate email account for your online work is highly recommended for security and convenience, among other reasons. In fact, in the course of working online, you may have to create multiple email accounts for use in different websites.

PayPal is the most commonly used payment processor. You’ll need a verified PayPal account to receive your online earnings. If you don’t have one yet, you can read this step-by-step guide for setting up a Paypal account.

Legitimate Online Money Making Sites

The following sites are free to join so apart from your time, internet connection cost, and PC, no cash investment is required.


Essays.ph is a local writing site for Filipino writers. If you don’t have the patience to bid for jobs on freelancing sites, Essays.ph is a writing platform that lets you claim a writing project without having to compete with other freelancers. Writing projects consist mostly of web content articles and e-books. Earning opportunities vary based on a writer’s level.

A newbie writer starts out as a Junior Writer and may be promoted to Prime Writer or Elite Writer status with special perks like higher withdrawal bonus. Elite Writers get twice the amount indicated for the project as well as double withdrawal bonus.

Joining Essays.ph is easy. To register, you just need to provide your full name, e-mail, mobile number, username, and password. You don’t even need to confirm anything but you can expect to receive an e-mail from the community moderator confirming your registration. There are no writing tests to take.

You can claim a project as soon as you have registered but it is best to read the site’s FAQ and Rules before claiming an assignment. Writing assignments are typically saved in a Word document and submitted as a zipped file. Submissions are reviewed by an editor and you may withdraw the earnings upon approval provided you have accumulated at least one thousand pesos (P1,000). Earnings may be sent to a local bank account, PayPal, GCash, LBC,  Western Union, and other payment processors listed on the site. You may specify the payment processor in your profile. Processing time will depend on your chosen processor. Some banks may charge you for the online remittance.

A newbie writer’s rate is nothing to crow about but if you can work your way up (there are ways to accelerate promotions based on merits/performance), you’ll have access to better paying assignments and perks. Junior Writer assignments pay between P120 to P200 per 1,000 words while Prime Writer assignments pay slightly higher at P160 to P200 per 1,000 words. Elite Writers get double pay for each project.

Writers generally work around a 24-hour timer for both articles and e-books. They are required to submit at least 2,000 words partial daily for e-book assignments. The editors may issue a warning against the writers for abandoning assignments, violating site rules, or submitting low quality work.

Essays.ph has a robust community and a forum where a writer can find training materials or connect with fellow writers. The management conducts contests or raffle draws and writers can win a variety of prizes which are delivered to their doorstep. A writer can accumulate tokens by replying on the “Topic of the Week” thread or joining contests. These tokens can be exchanged for rewards like 24-hour deadline extension, priority slot credit, warn removal, or waive withdrawal free credit (for withdrawals below P1,000).

The site does provide, upon request, a certificate of employment or engagement to active writers who have worked with the site for at least 6 months.

Essays.ph was established in August 2008 and despite the occasional bugs and hiccup, it has lived up to its moniker “Bestfriend ng Writer” for the past 10 years and it continues to provide income opportunities to Filipino freelance writers.


Bitlanders is not an easy site to master but if you’re the type of writer who doesn’t want to be bound to timers or deadlines, this can be a great site for writing blog posts or sharing videos and photo galleries. You can maximize your earning potentials by networking with other members, being active on a daily basis, inviting people to the platform, sharing your posts on social media, or buying site items that help increase your buzz score.

You can write about any topic under the sun but your work undergoes a review before it can be published on the site. You’ll need to write a long post (at least 1,000 words) and insert relevant videos and images which must be credited to their source. You’ll have to type the post directly on Bitlanders’ text editor and you can’t copy-paste from an existing document.

Logging in on a daily basis and performing daily quests like reading 5 blog posts, watching 5 videos, buzzing other members’ posts, and increasing your subscriber base can increase your buzz scores and help you earn gems that you can redeem for US$. You can redeem your earnings when it reaches the $10 mark.

The first three blog submissions are free but succeeding submissions will require 10 gems each. You can easily earn the gems by submitting high quality articles worthy of a 5-star rating.

Daily earnings may vary but the top earner makes anywhere between $6 to $9 per day. This isn’t so bad because she’s doing it on a part time basis. Writers aren’t bound by time and subject so they can basically write about familiar topics that don’t demand in-depth research work. Interestingly, the leader board is dominated by Filipino members.


Humanatic is a site that pays people to listen to, review, and categorize phone calls. The tasks are fairly easy and although first-tier countries find this job low-paying, the type of work and the dollar exchange rate make this a great online gig for Filipinos and other international workers.

Call review rates vary with the call category but the lowest rate is $.07 for Inbound Calls. Working continuously and focusing on specific categories will unlock better paying categories. Accuracy is the key to earning well and growing with Humanatic.

Inaccurate call tagging can mean huge penalties and below par accuracy may cause you to be banned from a category. A call reviewer may be appointed as a call auditor or a superhuman if he/she maintains 100% accuracy. The site’s leader board indicates that it is possible to earn $50+ per day on this site.

While the tasks are fairly easy, acceptance to Humanatic is not. There are open seasons where they may be hiring a batch of people to work on their site but this is not a regular occurrence. Good qualifications do not always guarantee acceptance and in many cases, work experiences or affiliations may work against the applicant as these could be considered ‘in conflict’ with the call review job.

I applied thrice and got accepted only on my third attempt. The acceptance was quite quick (like two hours after submitting my application). You need a verified PayPal account to apply. Nowadays, you can easily verify your PayPal account using GCash or Paymaya.

When signing up, you will be required to describe your work experiences and qualifications. Be humble and don’t seek to impress them with previous work experiences no matter how truthful they may be.


Hybrid is a crowd-sourcing platform that employs mostly US-based remote workers but also occasionally recruits remote workers from around the globe. It is probably one of the best online gigs at the moment. Just like MTurk, Hybrid pays workers for doing HITs (Human Intelligence Tasks) but it pays a lot better than other micro-tasking sites like Spare5, Microworkers, CrowdFlower, and even MTurk.

While MTurk pays Amazon GCs to international workers, Hybrid pays instantly in USD through Paypal. Hybrid workers get their income in full because the site takes care of charges. There is a steady stream of work on this site and you can almost make it a regular source of income. Work can come anytime of the day which is a boon for workers who are living outside the US time zone.

Workers are screened before acceptance and they typically have to pass a test. There are a variety of tasks on the board and a worker is not likely to get bored working on the site. Beginner tasks can be good for $5 per hour and more if the worker is quite familiar with the tasks and can work fast without compromising quality. It is quite possible for workers to earn $10+ per hour as they gain access to higher paying assignments.

Hybrid is a professionally-managed and quality-driven company. If you can focus on completing the tasks with the highest quality possible, money will follow and you’ll have no problem with the site.

How to Join: US MTurk workers appear to have an easier access to this site but the site may, from time to time, open the field to a limited number of international workers through various work online forums. Being in the right place at the right time is crucial.

Forum Writing

They may be past their peak, but forum writing sites may still offer a good way to put money into your online piggy bank. You can do the tasks in your free time and it doesn’t take much time or effort to write decent and relevant posts on forums with familiar topics. These sites should be considered as beer money sites or side hustles as earnings will never be good enough to replace a full time job.


Postloop is a PTP (paid-to-post) service that pays its members for posts or comments made on their clients’ blog or forum. Joining is free but a writer has to make 10 trial posts on Postloop portal. These posts are used as the basis for the writer’s initial rating. Writers are assessed based on their ability to start a thread and respond to existing threads on the portal so make sure that those 10 posts are well-thought off and written in flawless English. The initial rating determines the writer’s pay per post and the sites that he/she can join as a poster. Each trial post is worth some points and if accepted as a poster, those points will count toward the member’s balance.

A poster with a rating of at least 4.5 stars can earn between 1.5 to 2 points per post. You will need to accumulate 100 points to earn $5 which is the minimum amount for withdrawal. That means you have to make more or less 10 posts to earn $1. That will take at least an hour to complete which makes this gig a slave labor site for many freelancers. However, it still attracts members, including Pinoys. After all, if you can make $1 a day for 30 days and convert the amount to peso, that should be enough to pay for your monthly internet bill, water bill, or other expenses.

The Forum Wheel

The Forum Wheel is another PTP website that works pretty much like Postloop but with a slightly higher earning potential per post. Like Postloop, you have to make 10 trial posts on the Gateway. You’ll need to register on and subscribe to the Gateway before your trial posts can be reviewed. Unlike Postloop, The Forum Wheel doesn’t pay for the 10 trial posts.

A poster with a rating of 4.5 stars can earn around 2.5 points per post. This translates to 8 posts for $1. You’ll need to accumulate 100 points for $5, the minimum cash out amount.

The dearth of forums on both Postloop and The Forum Wheel has considerably slowed down the earning potentials on both sites but it is still possible to make half a dollar to one dollar per day on either site.


ForumCoin is a site that pays for its members’ posts. This is another free to join site which is open to people all over the globe. Unlike Postloop and ForumWheel, the site doesn’t require you to make 10 trial posts. You just need to register with a username and an email address and you can start posting right away to accumulate points. The standards and rules are not as stringent as those imposed at Postloop and ForumWheel and discussions are typically free-flowing. Members can start their own thread or post their comments on existing threads.

If you’re looking for new sites to join and make money online, this is a great place to find them as members are quite helpful and are willing to share their experiences on different sites. Posters aren’t rated and there is a standard fee for posts. Nonsensical posts may be deleted though so it is always best to contribute meaningful and relevant comments.

The first 10 posts for the day are worth 1 point each and all succeeding posts are worth .25 points. You may also apply as an article writer and earn as much as 150 points per article. It takes 500 points to earn $5. This is a slow earner for many but if you have time in your hands, you can spend it here and make friends or network with other members. You can also use the site to showcase your writing talents and who knows, that may open a floodgate of lucrative earning sites. Some site owners place job advertisements on this site and one of them may just be your dream side hustle.

If you’re a blogger and you need site visits or comments on your blog, you may opt to exchange your points for those services from other members instead of cashing them out.

Transcription Sites

Transcription jobs involve listening to an audio file and typing its content in a document format or text editor. Anyone with a good command of the English language and average typing speed can make money online by doing general transcription jobs. Your earnings will vary based on how fast you can transcribe and the amount of time you can spend on the job.

Transcription sites generally require workers to pass a transcription test and/or English proficiency test. The rates will vary per site and can range from $5 to $25 dollars per audio hour. Depending on one’s skills, it may take between 15 minutes and 1 hour to transcribe a 6-minute audio file with acceptable accuracy. Each site has its own rules and format so be sure to read them before taking the plunge.

To take on a transcription job, you’ll need a PC, a decent headphone, and fast internet. A foot pedal may also make transcribing more convenient.


Scribie is probably the most beginner-friendly among transcription sites. At $5 to $25 per audio hour, it may not be the highest paying site but they do give a monthly bonus of $5 for transcribers who can complete 3 hours worth of audio files. Each audio file is typically 6 minutes long. There are no quotas and workers are free to choose the audio file they want to work on. Most projects are 6-minute audio files. The site also allows transcribers to listen partially to the audio file before claiming it. They require a minimum accuracy level of at least 80% which is not as strict as the other transcription sites. Scribie doesn’t impose a minimum amount for withdrawal and pays through PayPal. Applicants must pass a transcription test before they can start working for the company. They can choose from a poll of live transcription jobs and if they pass the test, they’ll get paid for the audio file.


Like Scribie, TranscribeMe accepts workers from all over the world. This site hires beginners and experienced transcribers and offers a starting rate of $20 for general transcription jobs and up to $50 for jobs that require specialized skills. It pays through PayPal on a weekly basis. An audio file is usually 8 minutes long. With persistence, you can turn this job into a reliable source of full time income.


The internet offers legitimate and proven options for creating income streams that can replace your earnings from a day job or supplement your regular salary.

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